Monday, February 2, 2009

Movin the Blog

In case anyone follows this or wants to see my sewing pics, I am moving the blog to my new email acocunt with my married name. The blog will no be maintained on Have a nice day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My First Time Serging

My husband surprised me with a serger as a gift for our first anniversary (what a GUY!)! I know what you may be thinking, the first anniversary is supposed to be paper but believe me I'll take this any day! My serger is a Brother 1034D Overlock and had been sitting in my amazon wishlist for "some day". So happy that day has come! It can do 3 and 4 thread overlock stitches as well as gathers/ruffles, blind hem and a rolled hem. So far I've tried out the 4 thread overlock in my project and the gather setting on some scraps just to try it. My husband gets a kick out of asking what else it can do because I turn into a child with a brand new toy and spout off all kinds of great features. He also has spotted my looking at the insides of all my clothes as I wear them to see what stitches it has inside it. :-D

Above is the t-shirt I made this weekend. The pattern is from the Sew U knits book which includes 3 Simplicity "Build by Wendy" patterns. The basic pattern is a size large crew neck t-shirt but she gives you directions on how to make changes into many other types of tops from that pattern so I made the scoop neck. My scoop turned out a little scoopier than I planned so I wear a tank under it. I think next time I would make the v-neck instead. Other than that I like it. Oh, I also cut the sleeves with the hem line on a fold so that the sleeve is actually 2 complete layers. This trick was used in another simplicity dress pattern I have used and I liked it. It does use more fabric obviously but I like the 2 layers of fabric personally. So the seams are done using the 4 thread overlock and I applied the neck edge with that and then used my sewing machine to topstitch with a twin needle. I made the binding longer than I should have though and the neck line gapes a little. Lesson learned. All in all I am very happy with my first serged item. I even wore it to work today! :-D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Sundresses!

I am really loving this new Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress Pattern! I do have to admit, I've made 3 in total and I started out with the real pattern and then slowly made each subsequent dress less and less complex, but still, it's so fun! The colors don't show very well in the pictures...the pink is more pink and the lavender is more lavender but you get the idea. I still have to hem dres number 3 but I actually extended the lining of that one and made it reversible with buttons on both sides. Yay! Of the two that are finished, the pink went to my new niece Faith and the lavender went to the aforementioned "Baby Hicks," who we now know as Katelin. :-D I had the pleasure of meeting them both in the span of one week and what beautiful babies they both are! Well it sure has been fun sewing for all these babies! I hope to do more soon! Here are some more pictures. Supposedly you can click the pic for a larger view but I was having some trouble with the links when I posted it. Clearly they are not perfect but if they were they wouldn't have been made by me! :-D They were made with love nonetheless!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally! I Can Sew With Knits!

I have been desparately wanting to sew something- ANYTHING- successfully with a knit fabric. I have tried and given up on 3 prior attempts. I feel like I just won an oscar though because I need to thank the academy of amazing and helpful sewers who by way of blogs and other online postings helped me finally complete this one!

Inspiration: I have started reading several sewing blogs and Christina from Assorted Notions, whose blog and sewing both are SO much fun, posted this entry: where she discussed a similar pattern to the one I used. She linked to Toya's dress made of this same fabric here: and I knew I wanted this fabric and wanted to make this dress. I didn't expect to find the same fabric but on another link I found the mother load of adorable knit fabrics, and couldn't believe my eyes when they had this lust-worthy fabric! I already had the pattern onhand from when I first wanted to try knits. It is Threads Simplicity 3678, view A (

Construction: As I continued on my quest to learn to sew knits, I read all kinds of FAQ's, how-to's and troubleshooting posts. Anne from Gorgeous Fabrics replied to my email questions with some super helpful links (
On I wrote a post, dated Jan. 11, 2008 on sewing with knits.
There's also an article on Threads' website:
Look through the videos and see if there is one on knits there too.)
and i liked reading through 's sewing lesson. When I was still ending up with skipped stitches, I found the tip that I needed to be sure to hold the thread tails and I think this reallly fixed things. I also switched to a ball point needle and polyester thread. Either way things went much better and YES!! I have finally learned how to sew knits!! I can't wait for the Sew U book to come out in May but until then I am pretty happy with myself. It's comfortable and covers my knees, which are two things I'm looking for in a dress for our trip to Italy next month. Even with a jacket over it I think it will be cute. Oh, here is a close up of the bodice, a photo which I suppose could also be named, "Hello Girls!"

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My First Quilt! For Baby Hicks

Well my friend Patricia is expecting her first child and had her baby shower recently. I have never been that interested in making a quilt until this event. I made it based on the Lap Quilt in Bend the Rules Sewing and had read about a way to cut the quilt back bigger than the quilt top so that you can just fold the back over and use it as the binding. I used pastel green and yellow flannel and in real life the bright yellow doesn't stand out quite as much. They are planning to be surprised about the sex of the baby so they chose the green and yellow color scheme. It was fun! And it turned out pretty well but of course, not perfect. I also made them a receiving blanket and burp cloths. I hope to try out other baby items for other upcoming showers!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cup Cozies

MLK Day found me off work and at home, crafting. I thought I'd make my co-workers cup cozies since we all drink coffee and tea in the office. We have paper cups but we don't have the cardboard holders so I thought these would come in handy. They're reversible and washable. And I got 17 done in one day! Click the pictures for a larger image. I followed this tutorial ( to get the basic idea but I actually used a seam gage to trace a pattern around a Starbuck's cardboard holder and made one end smaller (just like the actual cardboard one is) so I could tuck it in instead of sew it end over end. The fabrics are Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, etc, quilt weight cotton. I don't know which one I'd keep for myself- I love them all!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Conquering Couching...Almost

So I have been thinking of trying couching a ribbon onto some fabric for use in my coasters. I tried it tonight to decent, if mixed results. In general these did not come out perfect. I also used a fleece liner inside so the part I left open to turn it inside out sticks out a little on each one. Oh well, such is life, it was still fun to couch the ribbon on. I am sure next time will be even better but in the mean time, I really like these!