Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yay Bolero Jackets!

In a stubborn yet heartfelt move I decided to sew bolero jackets for my bridesmaids to match their dresses. Having never set a sleeve before, it was an adventure but with a great pattern from Fitz Patterns and some advice from my Mother-in-Law-to-be, they turned out better than expected. I say better than expected because I tried to fit each girl individually for it, adjusting the pattern myself rather than using a multisize pattern. So happy I finished them on time AND they fit! What a relief! Here is a picture taken by my Husband's (!) sister Kathy.
UPDATE: To "Big Mama" who wrote "Those bolero's are fabulous! Do you happen to know of a good websitefor bolero patterns? I'm trying to make one myself for a wedding I'm innext month." I didn't receive your email address with your post so I couldn't reply to you. I got my pattern from fitz patterns. Here is the link: Good luck!